Logo for the Womens Theatre Festival aka WTFCirca Theatre is delighted to announce the lineup for its annual WTF! Women’s Theatre Festival.

A packed line up of four plays, one devised work, one developmental season, two play readings, and a writing workshop all showcase women playwrights, directors, designers, actors, dancers, musicians and theatre workers. They give voice to historical female characters as well as focusing on issues facing women today. The seasons start in August and runs into October. All the productions in September are written by New Zealand women to celebrate New Zealand Theatre Month. Circa Theatre is also proud to be hosting the Fourth Women in Theatre Hui on 15 September 2018.

A handful of WTF! 2018 shows and events are part of the overlapping KM130 festival – a Wellington city-wide programme of events, exhibitions and performances from July – Oct, celebrating Katherine Mansfield’s 130th birthday. This includes Katherine Mansfield and ‘A Woman’s Place’, a conversation with Dr. Gill Greer and Lorae Parry which is on at Circa Theatre this Sunday 29 July.

The shows:

One public talk: Katherine Mansfield and ‘A Woman’s Place’

One special event: Ginette McDonald & Friends – Katherine Mansfield Reading

Four plays: Bloomsbury Women and the Wild Colonial Girl; Modern Girls in Bed; Blonde Poison; Uneasy Dreams and Other Things

One devised work: Medusa

One writing workshop: Women on the Verge…

One developmental season: Rants in the Dark

Two play readings: Tender; Sean Penn is in His Boat