Based on the true story of Carl Hans Lody, a WW1 German Spy. He was caught then executed inthe Tower of London four months into World War I. This new play, from award-winning writer, Mark Langham, centres Lody’s story and his reasons for becoming a spy.

Stephen Lloyd-Coombs is a personable and charming Lody. Around him Roger Gimblett, Lachlan Edmonds-Munro, Elizabeth MacGregor and Lib Campbell play many other characters in his story with a variety of accents. (Sometimes the same character has a different accent but I think this is the convention where there is no accent between them if they are speaking the same language.) Each character is clearly defined by physical changes. There is some good ensemble work from the five actors. They deliver their lines with excellent fast paced timing. They are well rehearsed in their choreography as they navigate around each other on the tiny stage.

I’m not sure that I needed to see another story about a man justifying his reasons for behaviour that could lead to other people’s deaths, but it was well presented.