The title of the show 'Yesterday, in space' against a pink and purple galaxy background

The good spaceship Yesterday is the first rocket ship to launch from Aotearoa New Zealand and we get to come along for the ride! Her new crew are determined to show us a good time. What a pity they’re stuck in the middle of professional rivalries, confusing personal relationships, and an asteroid belt…

All those troubles add up to an entertaining space-opera musical. The Captain (Brodie Taurima) is anxious about the voyage so has enlisted his oldest friend to be the Pilot (Molly Mason). The Co-Pilot (Beth Marriott) knew them both at the academy. The First Mate (Troy J. Malcolm) absolutely wants the trip to be a success while The Scientist (Lou Prior) is proud to be on the ship with The Android (Jules Daniel). The Guard (Emma Maguire) is definitely not getting paid enough. It’s all very soap opera.*

The songs were fun and catchy although no backing track meant that some of them didn’t have the energy they should have. There were some very sweet harmonies in the choral singing during the opening. I particularly liked the use of three languages – te reo Māori, English and sign language. Solos weren’t always as successful but ngā mihinui to the cast for singing a cappella. Characters were most successful and hilarious when the actors first embraced the stereotype and then broke it.

Heaps of fun.

*Apologies to the cast if I get any of their names wrong – the Facebook event and the Fringe website don’t agree on spelling. I’m also using the character descriptions rather than names because there isn’t a programme and the cool credits at the beginning went to fast for me