It’s not very easy to review improv, because it changes every night, but Snort with Friends is a very good time.

From a series of monologues based off audience prompts, the Snort cast (in our case, it was Kura Forrester, Chris Parker, Brynley Stent, Donna Brookbanks, Rhiannon McCall and Tom Sainsbury) plays out a bunch of vignettes which usually (??) are somewhat related to the monologues.

It’s a loose format, but that doesn’t stop the fun.

Our monologists (??) for the night were Rhys Nicholson, who talked about how kids are obsessed with either dinosaurs or Egypt (in his case, Egypt); Tessa Brooks, who spawned a piece loosely centered around France and clown school; and Liv Parker who spoke mostly about cushions but was the catalyst for a tear-inducing (that’s a positive) piece about Kmart.

From placards to erotic duck-feeding, angry Frenchmen and confused clowns improv is incredible and the Snort cast are some of the most talented lot out there.

It’s chaos at its best.

Snort is finished in Wellington as part of the Comedy Festival, but it runs at the Basement Theatre in Auckland most Friday nights during the year with a rotating cast. Check out their site for tickets.