Brynley Stent’s 2019 solo show Filthy Little Goblin is a bizarre and fantastic series of esoteric vignettes and I absolutely loved it.

From birthday gifts to self-checkout machines, strange strip performances and word-based game shows, this absurdist show pushes the envelope in terms of comedy and is just very, very fun. Stent has an incredible skill for mime and clowning, and isn’t afraid to do some completely bizarre things on stage.

The Studio at BATS Theatre is quite an intimate venue, especially for audience interaction-heavy shows, like this piece was. While I tend to balk at interactive theatre, Stent has a very disarming charm and although some of the audience interaction came out of nowhere, it never felt (too) awkward or uncomfortable. I was even included in a certain through-line about birthday gifts, but I won’t go into any more detail than that.

Sit in the front few rows if you want to be included in a damn good time.

Plus, there was chocolate, mince, and gifts. What’s not to love?


Filthy Little Goblin is finished at BATS Theatre in Wellington for this Comedy Fest, but is being performed in Auckland next week. Tickets from the Comedy Festival website.