A man. A woman. A vulture, and a kulfi shop.

Indian Ink is back with another one of their fantastic productions. Lead actor Jacob Rajan delivers a glorious performance where he jumps between seven well-formed characters to tell the story of a man trapped in limbo and his dreams of his past.

Indian Ink knows what they do well and within this show it is done to their best. The puppetry is gorgeous (performed beautifully by Jon Coddington) – though I do wonder how many feathers the vulture will shed by the time the show is done – and the world well-established. It’s a funny, though often very heartfelt look into one man’s past as he wonders whether he’ll be permitted to pass on from limbo.

Ice cream, vanishing vultures and Bollywood disco – they all combine to create a colourful piece with a serious heart. I really enjoyed it.

Paradise (or the Impermanence of Ice Cream) is on at Te Auaha in Wellington until the 5th of June. It will then tour NZ. Book tickets here!