Cameron Burnell Photography

We’ve just discovered and added Cameron Burnell’s excellent photoblog to our links list. Cameron was the man behind the also brilliant A Wellingtonian in Aceh photoblog, and both sites are well worth your time. [Hat tip to Bloggreen]

Red sky at night…

We here at Wellingtonist Towers were absolutely kicking ourselves yesterday evening when we realised that not a single one of us had bought in a camera to capture the absolutely incredible colours that accompanied last night’s sunset. A long arch cloud covered the city, but, as the sun dipped down below the edge of the […]


As spotted in Island Bay. Yet another fantastic example of the real estate industry taking liberties with the actual meaning of words. What’s really good, though, is the ‘VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT’ bit on the Professionals’ sign. You can tell the person writing it has started off with nice big bold spacing, but then realised too […]