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It’s not my bag, baby!

by Tom August 3, 2006

Posted in the window of a certain shop in Cuba St:

It's not my bag baby! Oh the shame.
I guess he won’t be trying that again.

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Good hatitude

by Tom June 8, 2006

Do you have a hankering for a homburg? Are you bereft of bowlers? Is it time to farewell that fading fedora?

Wellington Hatters in Woodward StFear not: Hank Cubitt is bringing his unique sartorial style to Wellington’s bareheaded masses with the new Wellington Hatters shop in Woodward St. And Hank being Hank, he’s not content to just bring you traditional headwear, so his offerings extend to straw top hats, patchwork tweed cheesecutters and feathered felt creations that will certainly help you stand out among the Lambton Quay crowds. It’s not just for the chaps, either, as he also stocks chapeaux for the chapettes.

Now, does anyone have any hints on how to keep them on your head in a Wellington northerly? I once had a very fine Panama that ended up somewhere near the Chathams.

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by llew April 4, 2006

ATTENTION ex-pat Wellingtonians! Looking for the perfect gift to send to your loved ones back home? Cranfields – Merchants of imported gifts, decorative objects and beautiful furniture, and one of the most interesting shops in the city (not to mention Auckland & Melbourne too) is now online & taking orders from anywhere in the world. […]

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Open up

by Tom March 30, 2006

Hi all, this is my first post as a Wellingtonista. There’s a slew of new shops, galleries and entertainment venues opening at the moment, so I thought I’d start with a quick roundup. The Bartley Nees Gallery on the corner of Blair and Wakefield streets is undergoing mitosis and splitting itself into Tim Nees Gallery […]

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Kirk’s Sale, now on

by noizyboy January 30, 2006

WellUrban probably sums up the effect of the annual Kirk’s Sale best when he writes… Expect worse than usual queues of SUVs between Karori and Lambton Quay this morning: the Annual Kirks sale is on. From the look of some of the ladies queueing outside the doors this morning, it could be said that they […]

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Places we like to shop & watch outrageous music videos – The Guava Tree

by llew August 25, 2005

This lunchtime I spent a pleasant 20 minutes or so in a new store called The Guava Tree. Not normally a place frequented by Wellingtonistas, but my interest was piqued by the vast plasma screen observable through the shop window playing what appeared to Bollywood movies. I’ve always wanted to see a Bollywood movie. They […]

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Sale Time at Kirkcaldie & Stains!!

by llew July 28, 2005

A Wellington institution, the Kirk’s Sale. OK, it started Monday, but that doesn’t matter. Now is the time to go. By now, the shoppers are a little less extreme than the 1. Rabid, and 2. Catatonic zombie that they ranged between on Monday morning. Still plenty of bargains to be had. The sale ends on […]

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Your own personal shopper

by llew May 24, 2005

I don’t want you to think that it’s the Wellingtonist policy to be lazy & recycle another contributor’s photo… that’s just me… But did you know that Kirkcaldies on Lambton Quay offers a free personal shopping service? We’re considering taking the concept to the next level: The Wellingtonist Complimentary & Complementary Personal Consumer Service. Your […]

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