Zoo(m) time

Where's that bus?(sorry, that title is naff)

In a nutshell, if you go to Newtown on the bus (Go Wellington or Stagecoach) between now and June 30th you pay half price for entrance to the Zoo on that day.

Remember to ask the driver for the Zoo voucher.

Usual Zoo admission charges are:

  • children under 3 free,
  • children 3-16 years $6
  • and adults $15.

Buses to Newtown include #1 (Island Bay), #3 (Lyall Bay), #10 (Newtown), #11 (Seatoun) … spoilt for choice.
And then it’s a walk up from Newtown shops to the Zoo [map]

Nothing on

It has been brought to my attention that “a common complaint … from native Aucklanders when they venture south, or even tourists, is that, after three days in Wellington there is nothing to do”. While the writer of that comment doesn’t agree, looking around the city at the moment, I can see that they may have a point.

The Southward Car Museum

Looking for something to do with all these loooong, sunny days we’re having? Let me recommend a trip to the Southward Car Museum, just north of Paraparaumu.

Driving into the carpark you feel like you’ve spent back in time – to the 1960s. The building is fantastic, a large concrete bunker. The grounds are carefully manicured, with beds of marigolds. Take your old Tupperware picnic set and relive a simpler time.

Walking in, there is a 1960s Ferrari on a rotating plinthe, and a gorgeous Mercedes sports car. You can’t help but play “which car would you take home” – except by the time you leave it is “which dozen cars, planes, and bikes would you take home”.

Entry is $10 for adults, $3 for children (5-15), and pre-schoolers are free.