Wellington’s best hip hop bar….NOT

Is it just me or does a removal truck being loaded up with boxes of liquor outside a bar that billed itself as “Wellington’s best hip hop bar” suggest that the bar wasn’t quite as good as it would have liked to have thought, and is now in fact in receivership?

Or is it actually just moving to a new location?

If you can use some exotic booze…

…there’s a bar in Cuba Mall. Okay, so that doesn’t swing quite as well as the original, but those with a longing for outrageous costumes and hard drinking, but who can’t stomach the Sevens, ought to know that it’s Tiki Bar weekend at Matterhorn.
That’s right: you have one more night to savour concoctions based on classics by Trader Vic and Beachbum Berry; bar staff dressed as Hawaiian deities; bubbling cauldrons of lethally refreshing punch; and some of the cheesiest slices of lounge exotica ever committed to vinyl.

The Wellingtonista Socialite Part I

It’s been a banner week here at the Wellingtonista Towers for drinking networking opportunities. Yesterday was the VIP night at Beckon, tonight was a Ponoko showcase at the Paramount, and tomorrow we’re meeting up to discuss our evil plans for world domination.

Find out what we’ve been up to after the jump.