Dear Fellow Bus Passenger,

by noizyboy August 25, 2006

for god's sake, move down the back!…if you find yourself halfway down the bus, during rush-hour, with the entire rear of the bus’s aisle not only empty, but with half a dozen seats still there for taking, please don’t just stand there, acting as a dam against the ever-increasing human stream forcing its way up against your inconsiderate arse.

Moving back, and up that one small step is all that divides you from a possible seat, and from allowing another ten or so people onto this bus, instead of causing them to wait 10 minutes until the next (probably also overcrowded) bus arrives. Arsehole.

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In which we bring you breaking news

by Joanna May 11, 2006

Something’s going on in Wellington. Bus drivers in Hataitai were only taking money for one section from passengers, warning them they’d have to walk the other section any way. Four trolley buses are parked along Cambridge Terrace with their hazzard lights on. At least four more buses are parked along Courtenay Place. There were mutterings […]

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Bus(t) a move

by Joanna May 4, 2006

So, as part of the big shiny Metlink rebranding, they’re going to change zones and prices, and they’d like you to have a say. Wondering what this means and how it might affect you? Well, if you’re under 18 or over 65, you might get 50% off your fares, provided you show a photo ID. […]

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Dear Stagecoach

by noizyboy April 20, 2005

Today (20th April), at about 5:50pm, I wanted to catch my usual bus, the #4 Happy Valley, from Willis St, opposite the Metro New World. I spotted it pulling away just as I arrived at the stop, so, thinking to myself that I would probably be able to catch up with it at one of […]

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