Five questions with Wanda Harland

Full disclosure: the Wellingtonista is all about nepotism. So we thought it was about jolly time we sat down (well, emailed) our Martha, who has been a very important part of the ‘ista since like 2006 at least (although she is much less of a bad influence on us now than she used to be), […]

Smells like year-old fish and rotten eggs. But awesome!

Has it really been a year since Fishhead magazine launched? Apparently so! Consequently, they’d like to party with you! There’s be cocktail specials, free entry and Wellington supergroup The Eggs playing. Fishhead birthday afterparty Thursday March 31, 9pm-midnight CQ Bar in the Quality Hotel, 223 Cuba Street. Last one in’s a rotten…

A lake of laksa

As it’s getting colder, and we’re getting colds, the minds of the Wellingtonista turn towards hot, spicy satisfaction. For some of us (well, at least me), this means laksa. But where on earth in Wellington can we find Malaysian food??? What’s that you say, on every second block? Okay, fine. But not all laksas are […]