Martha on the Front Page of the DomPost

Hard on the heels of one of their worst front pages ever, the DomPost goes some way to redeeming itself by putting one the of Wellingtonista above the fold in today’s issue…

Nice work Martha. Way to fly the flag undies.

We’re tracking you.

So, I hope everyone’s now up to speed on creating false identities, after the Dominion Post’s useful step-by-step front-page guide yesterday, which talked you through the steps required in getting a fake driver’s license or passport. Thanks DomPost!

What really got us nervous though, was the myriad of ways in which our moves and actions throughout the day are tracked by ‘the man’.

The DomPost listed several examples of supposedly ‘nefarious’ personal data-collection. Did you know that the web-browser you’re using this very moment to look at this page keeps a record of the fact that you’ve looked at the page? It’s true. Doctors, apparently, also keep records of your various visits. Suspicious? Almost certainly.

And, even more insidiously, the library keeps a record of what items you have borrowed from it at any given time? Why, oh why!? The pervading finger of ‘the man’ permeates every facet of our life. Our private lives, and indeed, our very identities, it would seem, are under constant threat, from the authorities, or figures who know how to manipulate the system.

Or, on the other hand, maybe it was just the worst front-page ‘shock’ story, ever.