Espressoholics – The Final Countdown

Barista com 002Hadyn wrote about the National Barista Awards a few days ago.

At the edge of cutting edge blogging is the intrepid moi to report on action at the scene.

It is tense – well, not really, but it seemed an appropriate thing to say.

It is black. Well the people there are all in black, without exception, competitors and spectators alike.

It is free.

So get down there NOW. Have a coffee (free), listen to the DJ (free). Have a ball (priceless).

Level 3, Te Papa

Mystery bar number 35

There are plenty of issues I could be writing about today, such as whether the Harbour Quays development will suck the life out of the CBD, the merits of the new Cathryn Monro sculpture planned to go outside the Musuem Hotel, and of course the endless transport debates. However, I seem to have got into a pleasantly intoxigenic mode this week, so it’s time for another mystery bar.


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More drinking in Wellington

Far and away our most popular post in the last wee while was Jo’s ‘Drinking Wellington on the Cheap‘ from last week. Discussion of watering holes around Wellington seems to be a popular topic, as Stephen of Dorking Labs‘ ‘Drinks After Work‘ has joined in with his own bar review, the first of what he […]

Drinking Wellington on the Cheap

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there are cheap and/or free things for you to do every single day in Wellington. Because Wellingtonista not only loves Wellington, but also YOU, we’ve compiled a bit of a list for what you can do every day. Monday: If you go to Chow, […]

Drink Me!

New York has the Manhattan, and Metropolis has the Metropolitan, but what is Wellington’s signature drink? In order to answer that question, we here at the Wellingtonista Towers have decided to launch the search for the perfect Wellingtonista. What’s in the drink, you ask? Well, that’s up to you. Yes, that’s right, it’s our very […]


Last night, unwinding from a hard week, we stopped by the new Cabaret outfit adjoining Chow on Tory Street to check out the entertainment. It’s a lovely space – the decor is wonderfully elegant: dark wooden tables, wood louvres, beautiful carpet and remarkable lightshades. There’s a warm red backdrop to the stage where I saw […]

investing for the future

There are many kinds of investments available on the market today: putting a little something aside for later can be very rewarding. One of our favourite kinds is a bottle or two of nice wine. And where better to source your investment than just over the hill from Wellington, in Martinborough? Set aside a Sunday. […]