You should have lunch at Duke Carvell’s this July

July would be a really good time to have a weekday lunch at Duke Carvell’s on Swan Lane. Why? Because a) it’s delicious and warming and b) they’ll donate 20% of your bill to one of a range of charities. Bloody good work! Our Tom B is the Mayor of Duke Carvell’s (well, on Foursquare […]

What’s for lunch?

Remember when we asked you for hot tips about where to eat on Lambton Quay? Well, the Wellingtonista Towers has opened up yet another branch office, this time temporarily on Mercer Street, so we want to know where to max out our expense accounts. We’d also like to know where the best coffee is, keeping in mind that our definition of best coffee generally includes the ability to purchase something yummy like a muffin or a scone to have with it. And, because we always Push Play and have managed to find a branch of our gym up this end of town, hurrah, we’d also like suggestions for takeaway lunches, because we’re really really going to miss Kapai.