The power of Voodoo (who do?)

by Joanna July 12, 2011

When we talked about the Rapture, we mentioned Voodoo Restaurant on Manners Street in brief, but that really wasn’t enough. Seeing it’s got the Grabone treatment today (hurry! Only three hours left!), we do need to tell you just how damn delicious Voodoo is. In the wacked out Disneyland atmosphere of the old Harem, Voodoo is trying […]

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A lake of laksa

by Joanna March 30, 2011

As it’s getting colder, and we’re getting colds, the minds of the Wellingtonista turn towards hot, spicy satisfaction. For some of us (well, at least me), this means laksa. But where on earth in Wellington can we find Malaysian food??? What’s that you say, on every second block? Okay, fine. But not all laksas are […]

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Steak frites: does what it says on the box

by Joanna March 6, 2011

If you’re after a classic and hearty meal, then we heartily recommend you hoof it to Le Metropolitan on Cuba Street. In fact, we suggest you go there on Monday March 14 especially when they’re having a fundraiser for Christchurch. How about I tell you about the dinner I had there recently in order to […]

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More drinking in Wellington

by noizyboy October 18, 2005

Far and away our most popular post in the last wee while was Jo’s ‘Drinking Wellington on the Cheap‘ from last week. Discussion of watering holes around Wellington seems to be a popular topic, as Stephen of Dorking Labs‘ ‘Drinks After Work‘ has joined in with his own bar review, the first of what he […]

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