On the fringes

by Joanna February 22, 2013

The Fringe Festival is happening from now until March 9! This is exciting! There are approximately six zillion shows happening, and while the ‘ista is covering as many as it can (and thank you for your invites, producers, we appreciate them!), we do all have day jobs and are all only human, except for Tom […]

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New Year’s High Tea

by Guest January 9, 2013

Another guest post from Heather at Foodie Gems of Wellie, huzzah! I saw the James Cook advertising January high tea deals recently which reminded me of the myriad of high tea options in the city. And thinking what a good time of year January is for a leisurely afternoon tea with good friends to contemplate […]

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Any Portlander in a storm – a night at the Rydges

by Joanna December 17, 2012

Ages ago we saw an ad in the paper for The Portlander at Rydges Wellington  in the paper, and after looking at pictures of their burgers, we headed along there for lunch. The lamb burger was slow-cooked in duck fat, and it was delicious, crispy bits spilling out everywhere. The onion rings were heaven too, second only to […]

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No mere cat: the Meerkat encounter at Wellington Zoo

by Joanna September 11, 2012

Wellington Zoo is now offering MEERKAT ENCOUNTERS. The capital letters are there to try to convey my excitement when I heard the news. I don’t think even capital letters can convey how excited I was when the zoo invited us along to meet the meerkats for ourselves. I’m making it my aim to touch all […]

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Wellington on a Plate so far

by Joanna August 12, 2012

Wellington on a Plate opened on Friday. How’s it been for you so far? We’ve been trying to share people’s microreviews on Twitter, and of course @wellyonaplate will be even more informative,  but I thought I’d do some proper writeups for you about what I’ve been eating. So, in chronological order: Dine menu at The […]

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Capitol opposite of punishment

by Joanna January 24, 2012

With a couple of family birthdays taking place over the holidays, January was a good time to assemble for dinner together. Having dined at Capitol before (in fact, it’s been nominated for TAWAs multiple times), I wasn’t put off by its Flash website or that they don’t take bookings for groups smaller than eight. As […]

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Rasa Malaysia – top eats near the top’o Cuba

by Joanna October 18, 2011

Over the past couple of months I have been reviewing Malaysian restaurants all around Wellington for Malaysia Kitchen (full disclosure – I got refunded some of the costs). It’s time to share the reviews! A freezing southerly was blowing around Wellington when I met with a group of friends at Rasa Malaysia on Upper Cuba Street, […]

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WOP: A deluge of dreadfulness at Monsoon Poon

by Joanna August 11, 2011

Our mouths have been working overtime this week, with all the Wellington on a Plate action going around. Of course Tuesday had the aborted attempt at Lagerfield and then eating off the regular menu at Fratelli. Tonight we’ve got reviews of Monsoon Poon, Atlanta and Bettys for you, which to sum up were DREADFUL, decent […]

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The semi-naked truth: Strip clubs in Wellington

by Emily Fatali July 25, 2011

So, you want to see some breasts. Nothing wrong with that. Where in Wellington should you go to see them? For the purposes of scientific research, we headed to Dream Girls and Mermaids to find out what you can expect. We also had a chat to a girl who’s worked in both places for the […]

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Getting social while someone else does the cooking

by The Masked Barfly July 21, 2011

On Monday night, some of the Wellingtonista went along to the launch of Social Cooking, a new cooking school based in Herd Street, so this fly tagged along too, buzzing overhead. The launch was held inside the City Market space, not actually in the classroom itself, where stands were set up by various purveyors to […]

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