Now you see it….

Now you see it!Remember a few months back that the city council was worried that someone might steal the 2.5 tonne Henry Moore statue that sits at the edge of the Botanic Gardens near Salamanca Road?

Now you don’t!I mean, since they planted the idea the Wellingtonista crew did band together & steal it for our foyer one night. But in the morning we regretted it & snuck it back before anyone noticed.

Anyway, I’m not sure what is happening here… either the council has decided to disguise the statue from prospective thieves…. Or it represents a new work of art in itself. Perhaps by Christo?

A whirled of pain

Now that the wind’s gone (calloo callay!) and the sun’s out (oh frabjous day!), wouldn’t it be a lovely time to wander down to the waterfront and see the much photographed Water Whirler do its thing? Not so fast, matey boy, someone has had other ideas. It seems that someone has decided that it’s more […]