Royal Bank of Sheep

Imagine that you are a large Scottish Bank. You want to film a new advert. For no doubt good reasons you already have a short list of ingredients:

  • The agreeable voice of Ken Stott; and
  • A flock of sheep.

But no location. Yet. Hmmmm. Sheep. Where should you send your advert-wallahs?

New Zealand of course! But you also need an urban setting, and lots of production talent. Oh, and if there’s the occasional Stagecoach liveried bus then all for the cheaper (less sfx, you realise.)

at the stationAnd so your sheep and your advert-wallahs turn up in… Wellington!

They have a fine old time, too. In the airport, at the train station, and on a (digitally manipulated) motorway offramp, the suspiciously tidy sheep act the part of inert bank customers following each other around the place. But one brave ewe models the desired behaviour for all the other sheep to, er, follow: to breakaway and join the Royal Bank of Sheep!

Here at the Wellingtonista we won’t point out the irony inherent in using sheep to promote slightly more individualistic behaviour. Nope. Instead, we’d suggest a nice game of spot the fleeting Wellington locations, while having your day’s concerns soothed away in the Scotch Whisky balm that is Ken Stott’s voice.

Hat tip, and where to go to see this spot: the Best Ads On TV Blog.