NZ’s longest running outdoor cinema

It’s that time of year again. Some mega outdoor film viewing action lies ahead for the Wellington region. Let’s all raise our faces skyward in the hope the weather comes to the party this year as the line-up is the right mix of classic, contemporary and fun! Kicking off  THIS Thursday 6 February AT *6:30PM […]

Middle of Middle Earth Market and Movies

There’s a hobbit-abrewing in this wee city of ours. Today we’ve got another guest post from HeatherC from Foodie Gems of Wellington all about the markets going on. Get in quick!  If you’re a LOTR fan, you could do worse than get yourself down to Waitangi Park for 6pm each of the next three nights […]

Sooooo… we gonna ban this too?

waitangi park

Just asking.

A Snark at the Park

A guest post from Kenno…

Waitangi Park, yeah, sigh, it leaves me flat. Be warned, that will become the most overused description of the next few years. It’s an urban space surrounding the marvellous Te Papa and thereby it’s not simply a Wellington space but a space that should mightily reflect the national character.

Well, if the idea was to reflect bland conservative conformism and lock-step simple mindedness with all the individuality and self expression of a schoolgirl uniform, then it will succeed. I, for one, thought we might want to reflect other, perhaps more appealing aspects of the national character. Don’t get me wrong, this place would really wow them in Nelson or Timaru, but, this city is a little beyond that, a bit more mature, slightly more cosmopolitan and farther away from pig-dogs and paddocks. Right? God, I was really trying to understate the case.

A natural love

Dear fellow Wellingtonistas and the good people of Wellington in general, If the weather is as gorgeous tomorrow as it is today, you must do what I did at lunchtime today – get golden crisp fish’n chips from Thorndon Fish’n Chips (don’t let the name fool you, it’s next to A-Mart and across the road […]