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Karen wants her twenty dollars back

by noizyboy on February 1, 2013 in Miscellaneous

A small community service announcement…

The following message was apparently left on an answer-phone when the caller mis-dialled. The involved parties would appear to be from Stokes Valley. Could someone let the ‘Rachel’ mentioned know that Karen wants her $20 back. Thank you.

(Warning: NSFW language).

James Guthrie

James founded the Wellingtonista in 2004. He quickly enlisted many, actually talented writers so as to avoid having to do any actual work himself.

  • Well. That escalated quickly.

  • This reminds me of something I once overheard on a bus in Christchurch:
    “He owes me. [dramatic pause] He owes me 20 bucks.”

  • Twenty dollars is a lot of money when you’re on the bones of your arse.

  • steve hill

    oh my god i know that person

    • Briar

      Who is this fierce lady and how can I send her $20? I’m serious.

      • milliedog

        Do you really want to support her smoking habit?

  • Jo

    I assume someone has already done this – but it *needed* Songify’ing.

    • Nicky

      ha ha ha ha!!

  • milliedog

    She has the same Marlboro huskiness as Aunty Viv from Warkworth … hmmmm

    • Shar

      omfg milliedog im from ww and i think i know exactly who your talking bout!

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