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On the fringes

by Joanna on February 22, 2013 in Events, Festival

fringe logoThe Fringe Festival is happening from now until March 9! This is exciting!

There are approximately six zillion shows happening, and while the ‘ista is covering as many as it can (and thank you for your invites, producers, we appreciate them!), we do all have day jobs and are all only human, except for Tom B, who is mostly ethanol.

So, we’d like you to give us your mini reviews in the comments please. What have you been to? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it sad? Was it glad? Did you watch it on a bike? Did the MC have a mike? Tell us!

Joanna McLeod

Joanna McLeod has started calling herself the Empress of the Internet because she can. As well as wrangling the other site contributors and Getting Shit Done, she likes to eat, drink and write in equal amounts. Yes, she would love to be invited along to your event in order to do those things. Joanna's also the best person to talk to if you're interested in advertising on the site.

  • Desiree van Kalsbeek

    Home! Comedy about a young woman who was about to kill herself but luckily she didn’t! She wrote a play about her depression and did so very humurously! She performs herself! It takes great courage to do so! I think the world should give a warm welcome to this very talented playwright and actress! So: gogogo see this! 22 and 23 Feb BATS theatre

  • librarykris

    I’m seeing really great comments about Cannonball on Twitter. (To March 1 at BATs.)

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