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New Zealand Fringe Festival

by librarykris February 12, 2015

The New Zealand Fringe Festival is coming at you with their 25th year of exciting, frightening, amazing, and puzzling works. As well as local artists there are 39 out-of-town acts bringing their stuff to Wellington. Prices are mostly under the $25 mark but the smart choice is to buy an Addict card. It’s only $15 […]

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Fringe Festival 2014 – Brooks & Brown in Literally Anything

by Sue Tyler February 26, 2014

We sent along intrepid theatre goer and Yarn Celebrity  Tash Barneveld to check out a new Fringe Show by Brooks & Brown. He’s what she thought.   ‘Brooks & Brown are a brand new transTasman duo who have no idea what their show is going to be about.’ Christine Brooks and Rik Brown have worked together only […]

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The New Zealand Fringe Festival

by librarykris February 14, 2014

The New Zealand Fringe Festival has been going for a week and it’s got just over two more weeks to run. Sadly, I’ve only made it to two shows so far (because moving house) a pathetic effort really, because there are HEAPS. Cabaret, circus, comedy, dance, music, theatre, visual art – there are a lot of […]

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On the fringes

by Joanna February 22, 2013

The Fringe Festival is happening from now until March 9! This is exciting! There are approximately six zillion shows happening, and while the ‘ista is covering as many as it can (and thank you for your invites, producers, we appreciate them!), we do all have day jobs and are all only human, except for Tom […]

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NZ Fringe Festival 2012 into week two

by librarykris February 17, 2012

The New Zealand Fringe Festival presents emerging artists in a festival of weird and wonderful performances around Wellington. The shows are are reasonably priced (or free) and are held in venues all over the city. The programme is full of shows, conveniently divided in the programme into genres –  Comedy, Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual […]

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Pick of the Fringe by Candlelight

by kowhai March 26, 2010

…well the stage itself will be lit up like a Christmas tree but the bar and exteriors will be lit by candles for Earth Hour.

 Saturday is the closing night for Pick of the Fringe at Downstage, if the whirl of Fringe and the New Zealand International Arts Festival has passed you by this year you can still catch two outstanding shows at Downstage. 

Theatre is an experience to be shared and both shows on offer are really accessible as well as being ‘Fringe’, so you could take you sister or your boyfriend or your work colleague.  You can see both shows for $40 which is very reasonable.

back/words is a piece of documentary theatre with performances that focus on being completely faithful to the source of the story.  The source being in this case, filmed interviews with people that have been loosely framed around important ‘firsts’.  Out of hours and hours of footage they have shaped a theatre length show full of humor and emotion.

All of the cast wear ipods which are playing the dialogue as they perform it, venquilitrist theatre if you will.  This device works but the stories themselves are what draw you in as the actors switch from elderly couple, to gay man, to eight year old girl, to bogan with true commitment and skill.
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The Fringe Bar is for Laffs

by Hadyn February 6, 2010

Formerly known as the Blue Note, the Fringe Bar is fast becoming the place to see comedy in Wellington. The bar presents a variety of comedy shows three days a week, including stand-up, sketch and improv. The best comics from Wellington, New Zealand and beyond are coming to the Fringe Bar to perform their shows.

The Fringe Bar is ramping up for a busy but friggin’ awesome run of shows during the 2010 Fringe Festival. Here’s the flyer with more information about each show.


After the jump, the comedians…

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No, I will not make a pun about “fringe benefits”…

by Tom January 29, 2009

… but Fringe ’09 is just a week away, and there’s a lot to get excited about. We may have missed out on the chance to see some Aristophanes under the wharves, but here’s a couple of other things that we have our eyes on.

Lies and Other Stories Before Bed had a sneak peak/fundraiser event at Mighty Mighty last week, and it looks to be a riot. It will combine film and animation with live performance in the cozy surrounds of the Southern Cross, and with a plot that involves scary hallucinatory children, swingers’ parties and a European seductress it seems like just the sort of realistic kitchen-sink drama that we can all relate to. Or maybe that’s just me.

The musical line-up looks strong this year, too, and there are plenty of acts worth salivating over, but … oh my circuits: We Are The Robots! Disasteradio and TVDisKo will be familiar to many of us, but when you add in Hamilton’s most charismatic exports, The Trons, you know it’ll be a night of mechanical mayhem to savour. More info and YouTubular goodness over on Mukuna. I’m not normally a fan of garage rock, but when the band looks as if it’s actually been built in a garage, that’s another story.

Update: there’s been a slight change of line-up for We Are The Robots, with Heat Like Me replacing Disasteradio.

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More Fringe Action

by noizyboy February 17, 2005

Just a quick update on what’s going down in Fringe Festival Land over the next couple of days… If theatre’s your thing, try Origin 7 down at Frank Kitt’s amphitheatre. “Two people, a man and a woman. Both in pursuit of childhood dreams of becoming astronauts awake to find themselves stranded on an unknown planet. […]

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Box @ Fringe Festival

by noizyboy February 14, 2005

Wellington’s Fringe Festival is up and running, and the one event we highly recommend you get along to see is the extremely complicated-sounding multimedia and performance extravangza which goes by the very simple name of ‘Box’. Doubtless there will be many more events of quality and acclaim, but when you put dozens of dancers, musicians, […]

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