The local body elections are soon upon us
Well not super soon but it makes your life easy if you are enrolled to vote by Friday 16 August 2013, that way you get your voting paper in the mail. You can still enroll after the 16th but then you need to request special voting papers from your local council electoral officer- what a pain

so go enroll now


Before election day , which the internet tells me is 12 October 2013. We want to ask the candidates the big questions, and the not so big questions.

So if you could ask a prospective mayor or city councillor anything, what would it be?
Post in the comments, we’ll add it to our list and come up with a final list of 10 questions we’ll be asking all the candidates.

Here’s what we asked last time round for reference

Like last time we’ll print replies verbatim, cutting off answers at 25 words for the sake of brevity in the order they come in.

So what do you want to know? What is going to make you vote for someone?