We thought we’d be the first to post here actually. That’s “we” because James has given strict instructions that there is no “I” in “Wellingtonist”. Um… possibly he said it “starts with “we””. But anyway, it’s clear already who the team players are, eh?

So we had this epiphany in the bath last night. (By all means avoid the wrong idea & look that up).

No. Actually, we wandered around town this lunchtime wondering what our first post would be about. Seeing as… it’s unlikely it’ll be about anything we’ll actually be going to see. Contrary to Alan’s assertion below, he’s not the only ennui inducing, middle-aged gaseous emission. We are too.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not an awful lot going on that we’d like to go to. Feel we really should go to. But probably will never actually get around to. So do as we say… maybe. Not do as we do… certainly.

Anyway, if you really want to experience some of the delights that we actually experience very often… by all means take a stroll on a nice day around the Botanic Gardens. See the bare earth that in four months time will be wondrous fields of tulips. See the thousands of ducks in the pond who are sitting out the hunting season. See the boring old fart trying to restrain his slavering dog from getting in amongst them.

a fetching, if unnatural pose...Or go to almost any shop & see the poster of the pretty ballerina striking a fetching, if unnatural pose, because we probably won’t go & see the actual performance. Although we should really. So go! Someone’s got to do it, or they’ll go out of business & stop making those posters. You owe it to us. Really.

So we’ll post about something that we do know a little about…

Fan of the Wellington Film Festival then? It’s coming up quite soon… but consider this: There’s a film festival that runs pretty much all year round (oh, OK, between March & November. It’s even programmed by pretty much the same people who bring you the Film Festival.

It’s the Wellington Film Society. To quote their brochure “Membership gives you free access to a wonderful range of local and foreign films that you won’t see on the big screen anywhere else, as well as discounts at downtown cinemas. All full year members also qualify for generous discounts at the Wellington Film Festival in July.”

It’s easy to join – pick up a brochure from many places around town, or front up to any screening which are mostly held at the Paramount on Mondays at 6.15pm. It’s not too late.

And what exactly will you be seeing this year if you rush down & join up?

Glad you asked.

Tokyo StoryThe WFS is currently in the middle of a Yasujiro Uzo retrospective. Beautiful & moving, simple tales of Japanese life, in other words. The very next one to screen will be Ozu’s most famous: Tokyo Story. It’s on May 16.

The Ozu season runs till 30 May. By all means visit the WFS website & check out the rest of the year’s coming attractions, and we will try & remind you by giving the Society a plug each month anyway.