win me!The Wellingtonist office (penthouse, with panoramic harbour views, and a helipad to which James & Natalie get dropped off from their weekly commute from Barbados… the rest of us park our matching porsches in the subterranean carpark downstairs…) received this email today.

It said to pass it on… and since we think it’s a worthy cause… voila!

Hi Esteemed Wellingtonists,

We’re Greater Wellington. This is our cheeky commercial that ran in cinemas last year, encouraging people to recycle and do their bit for Wellington region’s environment, click the following link to view. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Now we’re asking ‘Be the Difference’ members to forward this email to family or friends in the region and get them to join as well. To join or find out more visit: Be the Difference.

By joining before 7 June 2005, they could win the use a Honda Civic Hybrid for a year.

As a member, you’re already in the draw for this exciting new car that combines a petrol engine with an electric motor to increase fuel efficiency and substantially reduce exhaust emissions, the biggest contributors to air pollution in our region. The Honda Hybrid produces less than 2% of the exhaust emissions than the average New Zealand car.

Send this on now to someone else who wants to keep the region great. Who knows, you or your friend could be exploring it in the Honda Civic Hybrid!

Visit Be the Difference for terms and conditions.