Construction wall, Waitangi Park
Originally uploaded by taniwha.

As keen observers of the built environment we note that Wellington has its fair share of graffiti and graffiti artists.

But someone Wellington has that the other homes of massed humanity does not is Mephisto Jones. You’ve seen his work, even if you haven’t known who was behind those near ubiquitous stencil artworks across Te Aro and further afield. And if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the artist and his work, you are not alone.

Proceed immediately then to Rex Royale at 106 Cuba Mall, where Mr Jones (otherwise known as Otis Chamberlain) is exhibiting some of his latest works (through to August 11). And a minor mystery of your Wellington sojourn will start to be resolved.

Further information on Mr Jones may be obtained here and here and here

Thanks to Taniwha a.k.a. Brenda for the photo.