Big Drypnz

If you’re in the market for a real bona fide “Holy shit, look at that!” experience, try heading down to the eastern end of Abel Smith Street, opposite the Southern Cross. Where on the corner of Wigan Street there was once a Tattoo Museum (or this), with an imposing moai on the street front (image), […]

Grey paint and padlocks

There was a photo in last Tuesday’s Dom Post of a paintbrush-toting chap in bright orange. Council employees wearing high-vis vests in the paper almost never means something good, and on reading the associated story* this was no exception: Wellington City Council workers yesterday started removing graffiti in a lane that links Ghuznee St with […]

A quiet night in the suburbs

Spotted at the Railway Station is this hilarious anti-graffiti ad:

Worst date ever

Find out what this nice young suburban couple are up to after the jump.

Sooooo… we gonna ban this too?

waitangi park

Just asking.

Art on the streets

Let’s say this for the record: the Wellingtonista hates tagging. It’s just an inane and territorial fury of poodle-pissings scrawled around the town signifying nothing but a terrifying lack of imagination on the part of the tagger.

That said, there’s more to the world of graffiti than tags. And at some point graffiti changes from mindless and wanton property damage into ART, somewhere across boundaries as ragged and ill-defined and debatable as any cultural warzone. Around central Wellington, it’s all there to be discovered and mapped, tucked away in the alleys and byways of Te Aro mainly, but also scattered around the wider inner city.

[We show you some great street-art, after the jump]

The young Mephistopheles

Construction wall, Waitangi Park Originally uploaded by taniwha. As keen observers of the built environment we note that Wellington has its fair share of graffiti and graffiti artists. But someone Wellington has that the other homes of massed humanity does not is Mephisto Jones. You’ve seen his work, even if you haven’t known who was […]