It’s all very good and well reading Wellingtonista every day, and thinking to yourself “hurrah, I am an active part of Wellington! I am hip and young and down with the kids” – but what have you done for the community lately? I’m not talking about giving to charity, or coaching a sports team, or any of that stuff. Oh no. I’m talking about giving up your thoughts and ideas – that and buying us drinks. Well it just so happens that today we’re going to provide you with a chance to do both of those things, so pop on your hat of altruism, and here we go:

1. For the knowledgeable amongst you, local bearded man with a camera Blink is compiling a book of local knowledge, and he wants your help. Stop by his forums to share your ideas about cheap places to eat, stay and drink in Wellington (or any of the other places in NZ that we like to pretend don’t exist).

2. For the generous stalkers amongst you, Tom of Wellurban is organising drinks for the people of Wellington-who-write-webpages-and-like-to-drink. You can find more details on his site in three seperate entries, but the guts of the matter is come to Boulot on Blair st from around 6pm, and look out for us. It’d be great if you introduced yourself as well, but if you’d like to sit in a corner and send the tall fat girl drinks anonymously via the hott staff, that’s also a perfectly valid option and we’d still respect you in the morning.