Say it ain’t so – the Chocolate Fish to close

Waiter Crossing - The Chocolate Fish, Scorching Bay (Wellington, NZ)Using the wonders of modern technology and the interweb we here at Wellingonsita Towers have discovered that The Chocolate Fish over at Scorching Bay is set to close.


Don’t believe us – read this article from

Wellington’s landmark Chocolate Fish Cafe is to close at the end of the year, hit by rising rent and council compliance costs.

So what can we do – find out after the break

Being part of the community

It’s all very good and well reading Wellingtonista every day, and thinking to yourself “hurrah, I am an active part of Wellington! I am hip and young and down with the kids” – but what have you done for the community lately? I’m not talking about giving to charity, or coaching a sports team, or […]

Survival Guide

Courtesy of the Downtown Community Ministry, here’s a guide to surviving Wellington on a low income. Hat tip to T at Survival Guide to Wellington

Breastfeeding Bonanza

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Rugby Registration Day for Kids

Just a quick note for anyone with under 13yo kids who might want to play rugby this year – registrations for Wellington Junior Rugby is this Saturday (Sat 26th). Junior Rugby is non-contact, non-tackle, and is graded to take weight and age into account. There’s more info on the game on the WRFU website, including […]