“Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” was the cry from within Wellingtonist Towers.

The young ‘uns were blasting out the latest local tunes as some old ‘uns moved their bodies in decidedly unfunky ways. The antiquated communications system was being updated with new tubes resulting in lots of bangs and crashes. The rest of the staff were in the reception practicing for the Wellingtonist netball team.

AND it had been a hard day.

So I escaped for some sanctuary. Wellington is full of some wonderfully quiet places inviting us to flee from the rigours of everyday.

Some of the Wellingtonistas swear by the many darkened corners of bars in town – back of Kitty O’Sheas, downstairs of the Dog & Bone, Concrete before the suits invade at 5pm and even the Malthouse balcony during the day. The ultimate is possibly Bodega.
Where’s yours?

Embassy Blondini’s Bar during the day gladdens the soul. Cool, calm and very collected as she sits in all her glory. The wine bar and snack bar is always open with some extremely pleasant staff. The sofas ease you in and whisper in your ear, “You don’t ever have to leave. Let me look after you”.

And how could we not mention the cafe scene. Wellington is famously run on coffee and despite the recent invasion of Starbucks the majority of coffee places are excellent. Midnight Espresso, Fidels or even Mr Bun on Courtenay Place come to mind. We’re sure you could pass on more.

Santuary indeedWhere exactly did your hassled correspondent run to? Wellington City Library
As soon as the doors swoosh open the worries of life slip away. No-one is going to remind me about anything I don’t want. I can pick up any book and lose myself on a desert island, in space or any other place. I can be accompanied on my travels by characters from the past, present or future.

Whilst you’re alone, you also not. Humanity is all around as they sit and read – you can just feel the knowledge moving around in the air.

And there’s the kids zone which is full of squeals, giggles and laughter as the adults re-discover the books from their childhood.

Another sausage roll!?Haven chosen three books (always three, two to read and one just in case) we pop upstairs to Clark’s Cafe to rest some more with coffee, Phoenix Cola and a sausage roll.

So we urge you all to take time out in your busy lives to re-discover the restful areas of our city, give yourself a little time to just be and let it happen around you once in a while.

Enjoy your sanctuary.