Ukes at lunch

Two events at the libraryWe love the library. We do. And many of us are in there at least once a week, and not just to admire the architecture. (For some of us it has something to do with those kid’s pacifiers DVDs having just a seven day loan period. But we digress.)

Like the Wellingtonista, the library too is celebrating NZ Music month – they’re hosting a quiz that always ends with the chance to win a well known brand of MP3 player. Nice.

But even better, there’s a performance by local Super Group The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra this Thursday 12:30pm at the library.

If you are feeling brave enough to visit MySpace, check out some videos here. And should your immersion in the Wellington music scene be as pitifully shallow as this sad individual‘s, then you should consider your attendance on Thursday to be compulsory.

Our online library

Your Wellington Central library (or ‘sanctuary’ as it’s know here at the Towers) was been quietly expanding its online offerings and today has added a handy wee email notification service … or is it just another way for ‘big brother’ to keep tabs on ya?!?

To quote from their blog (RSS):

We have introduced a new service for hearing about reserves and any overdue items on your card – you can now get these messages by email. If you want to switch to this option, all you need to do is complete the online form or ask at your local library. And of course if you find you prefer paper or phone notices you can switch back again at any time.

Library Blog

photo of Wellington Central Library courtesy of TaniwhaWellington Library has gone and got itself a blog!

And it’s a good’un too. From latest releases and staff picks, and the occasional look at what’s popular amongst the patrons, such as the latest post: Evidence of Good Taste among Wellingtonians.

Wellingtonians, apparently, are a fairly literate and intelligent buch of readers, with Alain De Botton’s ‘Architecture of Happiness’, Irene Nemirovsky’s ‘Suite Francaise’ and ‘Hard way’ by Lee Child being the most sought-after items of the moment.

And remember, if you haven’t already, sign up to the Library Elf service to get library reminders sent to you via a personalised RSS feed.

[photo courtesy of Taniwha]

NZ Music Month at the Library

Wellington Public Library is getting into the spirit of NZ Music Month with a series of free concerts of the course of this week. Our pick of the bunch is the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, featuring the talents of Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie and local songsmith Age Pryor, as well as an ever-expanding […]


“Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” was the cry from within Wellingtonist Towers. The young ‘uns were blasting out the latest local tunes as some old ‘uns moved their bodies in decidedly unfunky ways. The antiquated communications system was being updated with new tubes resulting in lots of bangs and crashes. The rest of the staff were in the […]