I’m sorry, no picture, this is a family site.

So I’m striding purposefully along Lambton Quay, minding my own business, head down…

Suddenly I am forced to pause for a moment by the unexpected obstruction of what can best be described as somewhat generous cleavage.

I look up into the eyes of an absurdly young woman & she thrusts a little piece of paper into my hand. Then she & a few others veer off past me.

I peer (without my specs) at the paper & it says:

Midweek Fantasy

Wednesday Costume Nights

Slick Music

Half Price Entry

$5 Drink Specials

Bar tab for the best dressed.

The words “Fantasy” and “Music” jump out at me, and I think: “Do I look like the type of guy who goes to a Midweek Fantasy Party? I don’t think so.”

Then I get back to the Wellingtonista Towers & look again, with specs, this time the words “Santa Fe Strip Club” jump out. And I resignedly think to myself “OK, I probably do look like the type of guy…”

So anyway, if you’re THAT type of guy, or girl, it’s tonight. Doesn’t say what time, presumably would pay not to turn up too early though. Unfortunately I can’t make it myself.