Mojo, Old Bank Centre, 16 March 2006Local blogger Mr Reasonable plans to combine his whizzo geek toys and dangerously obsessive love of coffee into an caffeine fuelled odyssey of live blogging from cafés in the besuited end of town:

I am going to visit a different Wellington Cafe every day next week, order a decent Latté, take a photo of said lovely drinky, upload the photo of the cafe and the coffee, and write a live tasting session of the liquid heaven and the surroundings. I am fully charged with a CafeNet account and some Telecom Hotspot credits and I’m ready to go. The question is where?

The Wellingtonista wishes Mr Reasonable well on his perilous quest. It goes without question that we wish that he may avoid the Scylla and Charybdis of Starbucks and Gloria Jean’s; and respectfully warn him about the land of the lotus eaters that may be found on the ground floor here.

Good luck.