I’m writing questions for a work Quiz Night that we’re going to be having tomorrow, and decided that it would be good to have a ‘Courtenay Place and its surroundings’ round, given the location of this particular branch of the Wellingtonista. How well will you do at answering these questions in the comments, without googling, looking out the window or reading the previous comments? I’m guessing pretty well… (oh, and if any workmates are reading this – don’t cheat! Wait until tomorrow!)

1. What is the name of the restaurant which is in a building built in 1876 that used to be a funeral home?

2. Name the owners of Boulot. Bonus point for a logical reasoning of which one is hotter.

3. How much did Tripod cost ratepayers, not including the cost of moving the trolley bus wires?

4. What did the Embassy cinema used to be called?

5. How much would you pay for ten lattes at A) Ora B) Pandoro? Bonus point for any inclusions.

6. What is this Courtenay Place character’s real name? Bonus question – What is the name of the political party he represents?

7. What’s the oldest theatre in Courtenay Place? Bonus question – which year was it established?

8. Who is considered the “MP for Courtenay Place”?

9. Where is this clock?

10. Who owns J&M; Fast Food, and what is one other thing that they are famous for?