Many Wellingtonistas have already discovered the goodness that is Kazu: an oasis of dark wood, mind-bending rice-based beverages and unmentionable innards on sticks, tastefully hidden away from the Courtenay hordes. In the unlikely event that beef tongue and chicken cartilage aren’t enough to tempt you up the staircase, Radio Active’s The Jewel School will be blending their downbeat grooves with Kazu’s sizzling yakitori and intoxicating sake. The first of the series kicks off tomorrow night (May 6th).

If The Jewel School’s playlist doesn’t seem Kiwi enough for NZ Music Month, then The Transmission at Bodega tomorrow afternoon and evening might be more up your alley. It’s a live recording for National Radio, featuring interviews and panel discussions that will be broadcast, webcast, probably podcast and maybe even surfcast. Oh, and did I mention the bands? Minuit, Recloose, Ryan Prebble, Grayson Gilmour (of So So Modern) and a substantial subset of Phoenix Foundation performing in various permutations (can’t those damn Wellington musos just choose a band and stick to it?). DJ Alphabethead will create “a very special Kiwiana mash-up of records from the RNZ Vaults”, which sounds either great fun or totally scary, and will probably be both.

Recording starts at 2pm, with bands from 4pm. There’s apparently no schedule to show when specific acts will perform, which is presumably to stop perverts (you know who you are) just turning up for Minuit to see what Ms Carr is almost wearing. It also make it hard to tell whether there’ll be time to make it to this and The Jewel School for an even squishier mash-up. In any case, both events are free (yes, f-r-e-e), so you can save your money for the Stamina Chicken Combo: hearts, “soft bone”, liver, giblets and kimchi (uggh: vegetables!)