MySpace Freebies hit Wellington

by Sue Tyler on March 6, 2007

Back in Feb those lucky Auckland MySpace people had the chance to check out Evermore for Free.

Well, Wellington, our time has come and it’s a goodie. If you are a MySpace member just add The Black Curtain to your MySpace friends and you’ll be told the secret squirrel location of the free screening of HotFuzz this Friday.

Why Go?
Well, to start it’s free.
To follow it’s by the genius minds behind Shaun of the Dead
To continue you get a special appearance & introduction by Peter Jackson.
If that’s not enough – it’s free, people!

My only hope is that Simon Pegg is as funny in person now as he was when he was in Wellington for the Laugh Festival back in the deep dark ’90s.

dritchie March 12, 2007 at 8:19 pm

I saw senior Wellingtonista executives in the queue so I can only assume you were able to ascertain the time from a more forthcoming source than myself.

ETA: and, to answer my own question, no, Peter Jackson *isn’t* the Oscar-winning Australian referred to in the publicity material.

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