BadgeTasticStart counting your coins people, because Craft2.0 hits the Hutt in four days. For those of you who can’t count, that’s this Saturday March 17th aka St Paddy’s Day.

The fair kicks off at 11am with the first 200 people scoring a Craft2.0 bag of awesomeness full things like:

  • The Craft2.0 Poster
  • Badges from SuperVery
  • Babylicious candy and discount vouchers
  • The latest Idealog – whose contributors include Craft2.0’s most favorite blogger
  • Discount Vouchers for Beckon
  • A surprise from Reka Cafe
  • Big Bang balloons
  • K-bars!!!!
  • Your very own personal leprechaun.

And just for Wellingtonista music fans, here’s the band schedule:

And did I mention there were crafts, loads and loads and loads of crafts all for sale? Just loads, people!

Just quietly my knowledge of Craft2.0 is so vast you’d almost think I was one of the two crafty divas making it happen.

Oh wait 😉

Note: all Craft2.0 Leprechauns are invisible to human eyes