So tonight I messed up with giving people their lane assignments, which probably means that it’s possible that ClickSuite might have thought that they’d won their round, and Clemenger might have thought that they’d lost theirs (oh who are we kidding, Clemenger would never think that, and that’s why we love them), but as it turns out, it was Bowltron who were the winners on the night. The random point was awarded to the slowest bowler, who happened to be me, on 2.34km. If Silverstripe’s ball had actually made it to the end instead of getting stuck in the gutter, it might have been them, but it wasn’t, and so I totally got myself a happy ending, complete with two strikes after that. But I’m sure if you wanted to read only about me, you’d head straight to Hubris, so the scores are after the jump.

Won Dr. Pt. Rnd. Total
Clemenger 4 4 1 0 21
Xero 3 4 1 0 17
Bowltron 3 4 1 0 17
Silverstripe 2 4 0 1 13
Bowlingtonista 0 4 0 2 6
Clicksuite 0 3 0 0 4
Dr: Drink Bonus, Pt: Points Bonus, Rnd: Random Bonus.

Xero vs. Bowlingtonista: 432 vs. 384

Bowltron vs. ClickSuite: 511 vs. 440

Clemenger vs. Silverstripe: 454 vs. 361

Tonight saw Xero’s captain Jeff bowl for the first time, and also Wellingtonista’s main man James made his debut, while Clemenger had a different team for the first time ever. The highest individual scorer was on Bowltron, who now apparently should have joined together in the form of a giant lion as they promised to do last week if they scored over 500.

Next week we have the final round (I’m missing it already), in which random points will be awarded for the highest scoring backwards bowl, and also, now that it has been pointed out that splits are circled on the score sheet, a random point will also be available to anyone who gets a spare off a split. And then on Friday night, we will have our awards ceremony. Huzzah!