Fast, fresh, tasty and kind of awesome

On Thursday night, our old bowling league arch nemisisisis buddies¬†ClickSuite¬†¬†launched a new iPhone and iPad app called Fast, Fresh and Tasty. We went along because we were promised food and drink, and you know how good that is at getting us to leave our houses, but we were pleasantly surprised by the app itself. Fast, […]

WBL: Results Round Four

So tonight I messed up with giving people their lane assignments, which probably means that it’s possible that ClickSuite might have thought that they’d won their round, and Clemenger might have thought that they’d lost theirs (oh who are we kidding, Clemenger would never think that, and that’s why we love them), but as it turns out, it was Bowltron who were the winners on the night. The random point was awarded to the slowest bowler, who happened to be me, on 2.34km. If Silverstripe’s ball had actually made it to the end instead of getting stuck in the gutter, it might have been them, but it wasn’t, and so I totally got myself a happy ending, complete with two strikes after that. But I’m sure if you wanted to read only about me, you’d head straight to Hubris, so the scores are after the jump.

WBL: Results round three

Oooh! Things are really getting exciting now.

Former league champions Xero took on Clemenger last night and didn’t come out victorious.

Meanwhile the random point awarded for most gutter balls (chosen by Silverstripe as last week’s random point winners) allowed the Bowlingtonista to give up last place to ClickSuite – although if I could repeat my hilarious joke about there being no ‘I’ in ‘Wellngtonsta Bowlng League’, ClickSuite did once again have the highest scoring individual player. Ryan managed to beat Clemenger’s Dr. Broad for that title even though Dr Broad got four strikes in a row, and ClickSuite are no doubt weighed down by their ridiculous facial hair that they’re growing for Maystache.

And while Bowltron had promised to form into one mighty lion if their score went over 500, unfortunately that just didn’t come to pass. They still creamed us though, even despite our attempts at distraction with clever rhyming chants. League table and individual points after the jump.

WBL Round 2: The results

  Won Dr. Pt. Rnd. Total
Xero 2 2 2 0 12
Clemenger 2 2 0 0 10
Silverstripe 1 2 0 1 7
Bowltron 1 2 0 0 6
Bowlingtonista 0 2 0 0 2
Clicksuite 0 2 0 0 2
Dr: Drink Bonus, Pt: Points Bonus, Rnd: Random Bonus.

Team results and commentary after the jump.

WBL Round 1: the results

So we met, we bowled, great epic battles were fought, and drinking was the winner on the day. And also Xero. Here’s the league points so far.

  Played Won Drawn Drink bonus Points Bonus Total
Bowlingtonista 1 0 0 1 0 1
Bowltron 1 1 0 1 0 5
Clemenger 1 1 0 1 0 5
Clicksuite 1 0 0 1 0 1
Silverstripe 1 0 0 1 0 1
Xero 1 1 0 1 1 6

Team bowling scores are after the jump.

The Wellingtonista Bowling League Draw

It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce the draw of our Bowling League. Brave (but foolish for thinking they could possibly beat us) teams from Xero, Silverstripe, Click Suite, Clemenger BBDO and the fantastically named Bowltron will be taking part and therefore get massive karma points.


Round 1 will be Tuesday 24th at 8pm at The Lanes on Wakefield St.

The rules on the night are as follows:

  • If at the end of the game your team’s sum total (total of all four players) is higher than your opposition’s then you get four competition points.
  • If your team consumes more than four alcoholic beverages (or averages more than one per player) you get a bonus competition point
  • The team with the highest sum total on the night gets an extra bonus point.

So if you booze up and roll like a god your team could come away with 6 points.

Expect to see many people at Clemenger crying on Wednesday morning after the Bowlingtonista give them the thrashing of their lives. Hurrah!


We are super pleased and excited to announce that the Wellingtonista Bowling League is officially a happening thing. Game nights will take place once a month until the round-robin is played out. The first night will be Tuesday 24 April at 8pm, so that we can all recover the next day.

There will be four people to a team, and your website/organisation may enter more than one team if you like. There will be a trophy. Register your team here in the comments, or email the.wellingtonista @ before next Wednesday 18. We’ll be bowling at The Lanes on Wakefield St, and it’ll cost probably $10 per person per game. Plus the drinks you will want to buy us.

Please do participate. Or are you scared that we will KICK YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES? Cos we totally will.

What’s in a name #2

And the Wellingtonista themselves are in need of a name for their 10-pin bowling team.

Suggestions so far…

  • Strike Force
  • Wellington-PIN-stars
  • Gutter Rollers
  • Ultra-Cocktail-Hour-Super-Bowling-Squad

That Pin-Stars is going to take some beating, but, for the sake of having a name in the hat, howzabout The Strikemasters (in tribute to the 80s Wellington heavy metal band of the same name).

Further monikers welcome.

Putting out feelers: the Wellingtonista Cup

Not that we’re trying to get all Gawker on you or anything (or are we?) but the Wellingtonista would like to set up a league. A bowling league, if you will. Details will be confirmed later, but there would probably be a round-robin of sorts, and much booze would of course be involved ( because have you ever seen any of us out in public without a drink in our hands?), and as we’re not famous for our love of the ‘burbs, chances are the venue will be right in town at The Lanes.

This post is going out to see if anyone would be interested in taking us on. It would be great if teams had some sort of affiliation, no matter how loose it was (although ring-ins would be fine) and it would be best if teams had a place on the web in which they could let their fingers write cheques that their butts couldn’t cash in terms of trash-talking about their opponents. We’re envisioning competing against teams from other blogs (or blogs + notorious commentators), or web companies, or media outlets. Are you keen?