Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo alone among the Wellingtonista, I have a terrible secret: apart from an early album from the Black Seeds, I have no current Wellington Music in my collection.


Not even Fat Freddy’s Drop.

In my major period of buying music, Wellington music for me was a bit fringe and wacky, and worst of all, not on Flying Nun. There were occasional songs that caught my attention: Bill Direen & the Bilders’ Do the Alligator; that amusing Elephunk song; one or two songs from the Six Volts… and that’s about it. Wellington was full of arty jazzy stuff that frankly I despised.

Time has moved on – about 20 years in fact – and somehow Wellington’s musical renaissance has passed me by. This is not good.

So I need help!

What are the top five albums by Wellington bands in the last five years? Answers please: I must remove the shameful stain of my musical ignorance!