Because not all Wellingtonista are indestructible, I was ensconced at home this morning with a touch of a cold.

Actually, a hell of a cold. But I’m persevering.

And the weather helped! It’s miraculous!

Stepping out onto Cuba Street, I wandered along to Truffle to buy some pain au chocolat (they’re frozen, but you can defrost them and cook them for breakfast).

Now, you can believe what you like. But Wellington Winter’s aren’t always that bad. It’s the freakin Spring that is truly awful. The winds really start to wind up, and the rain starts.

Today though… today the wind was gentle, the sun was out, and people were out with it.

I heard a young couple talking about who had the most duvet last night. They sauntered past with nary a glance in my direction.

People were all over Cuba St eating in the sun.

That girl with Down Syndrome was out juggling. She’s terrible at it, but I flicked her a dollar anyway.

That guy who plays the bamboo flute that looks a lot like a bong was out, playing the same tune over, and over, and over, and over.

And I thought to myself, “You know, on a day like this you almost forget what the Spring is like. This Wellington, she is a fickle mistress”.