This is a cry for help!

Can someone out there leave ideas, suggestions and even actual locations for those people, of a rugby following tendency, that wish to watch the Monday morning pool games (starting this Monday, 10th – get the schedule for Outlook, Google and others).

Within the Wellington CBD, we mean.

The games tend to start around 6am and the Wellingtonista has discovered that most ‘rugby-type’ venues aren’t opening until their normal time of 7am due to licensing restrictions.

Now, whilst alcohol at 6am on a ‘school day’ isn’t a desired kick off (although some sort of coffee and breakfast is) the licensing issues does limit the number of places open for business with the TV on.

That’s where we (rugby following people) need your help.

Leave as many suggestions (play nicely people) for venues and the winner* gets a free breakfast on the author.

* chosen by the author using the author’s intricate and secret rules