The rugby sculpture

A proposal was unveiled yesterday for a Weta Workshop-designed rugby-themed sculpture to grace the city, somewhere, In Time For The Rugby World Cup.

The sculpture is highly symbolic, with the DomPost providing a list of all the symbolism, but what does the sculpture most resemble?

For Sale – One Ticker Tape Parade, Unused

You could be here


25 shipping containers multicoloured shredded paper,
Day’s hire of novelty vehicles & floats,
2000 dancers & street performers,
50,000 black flags.
Speech from the Prime Minister*

Population of one small city looking for something to celebrate.

Make a loved one’s birthday celebration, or anniversary, unforgettable.

Ready to go for October 26.

*Late change, Peter Dunne Subbed for the PM.

Where to watch the Rugby World Cup – Wellington

Well, in response to Mike’s question, the only place open at 6.30am this morning was J.J. Murphy’s.

And a top bunch of people they are too. The beer was flowing for those still out since the night before (including a gaggle of French guys. Bad luck there Blues).

Even better! They did a hungry man a $5 breakfast. Scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, toast.

So, to repeat that. No Occidental, no Bristol.

Get yourself down to Murphy’s next Saturday to watch England v. South Africa (and France v. Ireland the week after).

RWC: Where to watch the ‘breakfast games’?

This is a cry for help!
Can someone out there leave ideas, suggestions and even actual locations for those people, of a rugby following tendency, that wish to watch the Monday morning pool games (starting this Monday, 10th – get the schedule for Outlook, Google and others).

Within the Wellington CBD we mean.

The games tend to start around 6am and the Wellingtonista has discovered that most ‘rugby-type’ venues aren’t opening until their normal time of 7am due to licensing restrictions.

Now, whilst alcohol at 6am on a ‘school day’ isn’t a desired kick off (although some sort of coffee and breakfast is) the licensing issues does limit the number of places open for business with the TV on.

That’s where we (rugby following people) need your help.

Leave as many suggestions (play nicely people) for venues and the winner* gets a free breakfast on the author.

* chosen by the author using the author’s intricate and secret rules

Mana College v. Wellington College

If you’re stuck for something to do next Monday night, you could do worse than to head to Porirua Park for the final of Wellington’s premier one grade schoolboy rugby competition. The match is to be played between Mana College and Wellington College.

As detailed in a story in the Dom Post, Mana has made a dramatic rise through the grades after starting the year in premier two and being promoted mid-season, and to have made it to the final is nigh-on miraculous.

More, including much politicised frothing, after the jump

Wellington Sevens (1st/2nd Feb 2008) tickets on sale September 12th at 9am

Wellington International Rugby SevensYou have been told so don’t complain to us when you miss out at 9:05am
Tickets are ONLY available online or Ticketmaster:

… only available via the Internet at or by calling Ticketmaster on 0800 111 999. No tickets will be available through retail outlets.

(ticket details and how to get them after the break)

Welcome back home Wellington

Flickr: A Trek Through Wellington

To all those that left for the Yuletide, welcome back. We at Wellingtonista Towers trust you all had a sparkling time away celebrating Christmas and New Year, are refreshed and ready to take on another fun packed Wellington year.

Oh, and before I continue, just a word about the weather – don’t worry about it. If it’s “too” windy it means the beaches will be free of riff-raff, if it’s raining the cafes will be buzzing and if it’s “generally fine with the odd cloud and a chance of showers” it means the TV weather people have just told you that there’s gonna be “weather!” (it happened last night on TV One).

Anywho, on to 2007 and your Wellingtonista …

Wellington Lions set to Roar

despite gluing his hand to his head, Nonu still took his place in the starting lineup…and if I had a cent five cents ten cents for every time that pun has been used

Anyway, the Wellington Lions are indeed headed North this weekend to take on Waikato (who, like Hadyn in his Dropkick’s guise, doesn’t have an ‘official’ nickname) in the final of the NPC Cup. There they’ll be confronted by a very in-form team, a stadium full of fantical cowbell ringing Waikato supporters, and their own capability to implode in spectacular fashion.

Wellington haven’t won the NPC tournament since 2000, and Waikato fourteen years back in 1992 (the only time they’ve won it, in fact). Ominously though, it had been fouteen years since Wellington won their last trophy, and in this year’s round-robin play, Waikato were convincing winners over the Lions.

So, whadda we think? Are Wellington up for it? Will the fast and flashy Lions turn up? Or the bumbling and clueless Wellington team that occasionally takes their place?

Hurricanes beat Blues

I would have used some sort of pun based on the word ‘Hurricane’, but, well… Blues blown off park [NZ Herald] Second-half blitz blows Blues away [Dominion Post] Hurricanes storm to win over Blues [The Age] Hurricanes blow past Blues in opener [Sporting Life] Hurricanes storm home as newcomers face reality [RNZ] Gah! Anyway, the […]

Sevens starts today – anyone want a ticket?

MainlanderMike has a spare ticket going for the Sevens starting today. Head over to his site and leave a comment if you’re keen to snap it up. Probably best to try and get in before 1pm today as we’ll be away to the first day by then. If you can also get into the Jamaican […]