You’ve got to love the effect a sunny day has on people – I’ve seen more smiles on the streets of Newtown today than I have done the entire 6 months that I’ve lived here.

And speaking of Newtown, time to give props to a local icon, The Adelaide.

Once the infamous Tramways Hotel, and sticking resolutely to the “smalltown pub” vibe and decor, the Adelaide has quietly reinvented itself as one of the best places in town to see bands play for around the $5 mark. Cheap beer, great mirrors in the ladies’, flashing lights behind glass bricks at the counter and under the stage, pool tables, pub meals … one day I’ll devote an entire post to how much I love unpretentious hospitality. But the point of this post is to announce the inaugural Saturday Matinee at the Adelaide – just in time for the return of the golden weather!

Where: The Adelaide, 114 Adelaide Road, Newtown
When: Tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd November 3PM til 7-ish.
Who: Stood Up – Auckland group featuring, amongst other familiar faces, Brenda from Cat Cat Cat on drums; local trash guitar merchants Knife Fight ; the Ghastlies – a spooky two-piece; and Heavy Turkey, another twosome who defy description.

Jandals optional!