Huh? “Flickr … Group” … what are you blithering about man!?!? It’s okay, you’re not alone as I had to have the whipper-snappers sit me down in my bath-chair and explain what the jolly Moses they were talking about. It seems that using this newly fandangled Internet we don’t have to store all our photos in a cardboard box under the spare bed any more. No, we can “post” them up to the Web and let the world* see our holiday snaps.

Flickr is one such place that lets you post your photos.

And, you can tell the world where the pictures came from by either popping them onto a map or adding the place name as a tag/label.

You can even join up with like minded folks and share your photos in “community photo albums” (groups) on any subject you care to dream up.

Aha, you probably saw where this was going a lot quicker than I did when the young uns were explaining it to me with the use of short words, diagrams and plenty of naps in the sun to recover.

There is an extremely active Flickr Wellington Group with around 660 members sharing the finest of Wellington scenes. In fact, you’ll see the latest from that group to the right of this posting – yep, the “photoblog” is a feed from that very group as is the “different every time” picture on the top of this post.

However, via computermagic from fine folk at Yahoo! (proud owners of Flickr) we can now get a whole lot more as they add other Yahoo! content (weather, maps) to present to you, my fine feathered friend, a great community driven “Wellington page” – Flickr Places: Wellington

Of course, without the down-on-the-streets commentaries you get at the wellingtonista it can all seem a little ‘nice’ … OK for old farts like myself but of no use to you MyBeboBook hipsters.