Downstage using Flickr for backstage photos

Have a look at show pictures and behind the scenes at Flickrâ„¢

Ever wondered what a theatre show looks like behind the scenes? Or you want to have a look at some images from a show before you buy your tickets? Or simply drift away in memories when watching shots from a production you’ve recently seen? Have a look at our newly established photo gallery at Flickr. From now on you can have a look at pictures from shows, rehearsals and behind the scenes at We hope you enjoy them!

Flickr: Wellington is more than just a Group

Huh? “Flickr … Group” … what are you blithering about man!?!? It’s okay, you’re not alone as I had to have the whipper-snappers sit me down in my bath-chair and explain what the jolly Moses they were talking about. It seems that using this newly fandangled Internet we don’t have to store all our photos in a cardboard box under the spare bed any more. No, we can “post” them up to the Web and let the world* see our holiday snaps.

Flickr is one such place that lets you post your photos.

And, you can tell the world where the pictures came from by either popping them onto a map or adding the place name as a tag/label.

You can even join up with like minded folks and share your photos in “community photo albums” (groups) on any subject you care to dream up.

Aha, you probably saw where this was going a lot quicker than I did when the young uns were explaining it to me with the use of short words, diagrams and plenty of naps in the sun to recover.

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Online to On the Wall

We all know that Wellington is a great place to take photos: its natural beauty, public art, lively street life and eclectic architecture all contribute to a visually stimulating city. The busy Flickr-ers of the Wellington Flickr group know this, and they’ve decided to take their best photos into the real world.

Online to On the Wall poster

Online to On the Wall” opens at the Paramount Theatre tomorrow night at 6pm, and runs until the 28th of March.