An order of 15 coffees is a lot. I know that. But when I go into a cafe, such as Espressoholic on Courtenay Place, this is not the exchange I expect.

Me: …long list of coffees…
Espressoholic Person: That’s a lot, that’ll take [the two baristas] ages to do.
Me: (in my head) Yes but I will pay you money in exchange for these good and services.
Me: (in reality) Oh well I can go to another place if it’s a problem…
E-hole: No. It’s just…(mutter mutter)

As time goes by a queue forms behind me, because it does take a long time to make 15 coffees (a fact which I aware of before making my order). Do the staff maybe take orders so that these poor folk don’t have to stand and wait? Nope. Obviously I’m the asshole holding up the line with my unreasonable demands for coffee in a coffee shop. So the order was completed and the various coffee types pointed out.

E-Hole: …and that’s the long black
Me: Sorry, I ordered two long blacks
E-Hole: No I just made one.
Me: (pause for thought) ok.

I paid and left. And finally E-holic, I can do without the sneering too, thanks.