In actionIt’s been a long time since we’ve mentioned Snapper in these pages.

In the meantime it’s become so much of an everyday part of life in Wellington now that it hardly seems worth mentioning anymore. Or is it?

Recently we got an email from Snapper asking us if we’d like to come and see what they’re up to. It seems they’ve had a few other things on the go as well as the recent Valley Flyer conversion and they’d like to let us know about them.

Sounds good. But it doesn’t have to be a one way thing. Now’s our chance to ask Snapper what they’re doing to bring some of our public transport “most needed” items into reality:

  • fully integrated ticketing across all public transport providers in the Wellington region, and
  • our bus stops equipped with real time bus information – we may not want much, but we want the best, and at the moment we have to admit that Christchurch, at least in part, Has It.

What about you? If you could ask the Snapper people a question, what would it be? Is there something you’d like changed? Is there anything about the present system that bugs you?

Let us know, below, and we’ll pass it along.