TwitterWe’ve talked about Twitter before – we’re on it, of course, as over a thousand of you already know. Over time Twitter has evolved from a WTF? (back then at the same stage in its life as Google Wave is now) to an indispensible part of our social networking landscape.

If you’ve logged on to Twitter recently you’ll have seen their newest feature, Twitter Lists. These are a way to group up other Twitter users, both among the people you follow and the people you don’t. You might want to group up some of your friends; or make a list of your favourite bands; then you can conveniently view just those tweets from those people.

Where this becomes interesting is that it’s possible to follow other people’s lists. A nice example of this is @webstock‘s Speakers List – a List of speakers at past and future Webstock events. Following this list allows you to immerse yourself in the whole Webstock vibe, months in advance of the event itself! Very handy.

Of course The Wellingtonista is not to be left out of this action. It can be quite hard to find the best people to follow on Twitter – so let us do it for you! We have compiled some must-follow Wellington-themed lists for you to follow, with more on the way.

  • @wellingtonista/team – Us! Or at least, the large subset of us who are on Twitter. We are, of course, all well worth following individually, but following the list is probably easier.
  • @wellingtonista/wgtn-music – Locally based musicians, venues and record shops. Why aren’t there more out there?
  • @wellingtonista/wgtn-theatres – A mix of cinemas and playhouses. Good for finding out what’s on, and whether there’s any competitions, specials or other promotions running.
  • @wellingtonista/wgtn-food-and-drink – all the cafés, bars, venues, restaurants and bottlestores we could find. The interplay between the various cafés in particular is quite nice and collegial and almost warrants its own List, really.
  • @wellingtonista/wgtn-events – Events. You know what they are: Festivals; Markets; Carnivals. And the occasional, uh, sporting event.

Clearly these lists could do with a little fine tuning, as well as additions. So let us know!